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Missouri Flat Fee MLS Listing

Highest Rated Flat Fee MLS Listing Service in Missouri
BuySelf, Inc., Real Estate, Flat Fee MLS Listing Home Sales,Bloomington, MN

Can I cancel my listing once it is entered into the Realtors Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

Yes, your listing can be withdrawn from the MLS within one day. There is no additional fee charge upon cancellation, consistent with our No Hidden Fees Guarantee. No advanced notice is required, and once withdrawn/cancelled you are free to list with a different brokerage if you wish.
Our "easy out" flat fee listing is way better than most traditional listings, where the seller is locked in to the entire listing period. Traditional listing Realtors often lock in their sellers to the entire listing period. Even if the seller is dissatisfied the brokerage often requires a payment to release the listing. Otherwise, the listing stays in the MLS which obligates the traditional listing to be paid if the property is sold during the listing agreement. The traditional MLS listing also prohibits the seller from listing with another company (flat fee or traditional), until the listing has expired.

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